About Us

Many fresh applicants for software development positions have limited exposure to programming during their college or university studies. For students enrolled in engineering programs outside CSE, ECE or IT, the curriculum itself may not have the adequate courses. At other times, lack of faculty or infrastructure can pose a challenge. In the end, as a NASSCOM report points out, only 25% of CS/IT graduates are employable. The numbers would be worse if one considers IT jobs aspirants among non CS/IT graduates.


In this scenario, employers are increasingly looking for candidates with solid fundamentals, those who can decompose problems well, taking care of space and time complexity of the algorithms they are implementing. At Elahe Technologies, we aim to help address the skills gap. Our courses are meant not only for students who want to learn how to program but also for those who have some background but would like to strengthen their fundamentals and learn how to develop efficient programs. We have strong emphasis on CS fundamentals. Our basic Algorithms and Data Structures courses are free since we want to encourage students signing up for any other course also to have solid fundamentals.




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