Python for Data Analysis (12 hours)

We have earlier offered this course at IIT Kharagpur (see below) and for other institutions and companies.



This course assumes no background in Python. Some programming background is recommended.

The particioants will be introduced to programming in Python and subsequently learn data processing using Python libraries NumPy and Pandas.

Python Fundamentals: Variables, Expressions, Statements, Functions, Conditionals, Recursion, Iteration

Python Data Structures: Arrays, Strings, Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, Files and Exceptions

Manipulating, processing and cleaning data in Python. 

NumPy basics, ndarrays, indexing, slicing,  vectorization, File I/O

Pandas. Introduction. Series, DataFrames, Indexing, Selection, Sorting, Ranking, Summarization, Hierarchical Indexing

Data loading, wrangling, transformation, merging, reshaping,  aggregation

Advanced NumPy, Array manipulation, Broadcasting.

Regular Expressions in Python

Applications in Text Processing.


*Online QUIZ

*Certificates will be awarded to participants..

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